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I love this image from a fun family photography session I did last year. The lovely family in the photo were on holiday in London and had booked one of my vacation photography sessions. The first part of the session took place around Tower Bridge – a really popular spot for my vacation photography. The second part was in Shoreditch, one of my favourite areas for family photoshoots.

For those not familiar with Shoreditch, it’s in the East End of London. It is home to the wonderful Brick Lane Market, Columbia Road Flower Market and is packed with quirky bars and independent shops. And for me the main appeal is all the walls and shop fronts that are plastered in graffiti. The wall art is absolutely stunning – a photographer’s dream. Every street you turn into contains even more fantastic and colourful street art. As I love the use of colour in my photography, Shoreditch is pretty perfect in every way.

Fun family photography with fantastic wall art

The image below was taken towards the end of the vacation photography session. We’d already made use of lots of Shoreditch’s fun backgrounds and were close to finishing our photoshoot. Then I saw this wall and just knew I had to use it! Usually with families I have them standing close together for their portraits, but here I wanted to try something a bit different. I asked them to space themselves out along the wall and talk about their plans for the afternoon. I clicked a few frames while they discussed their ideas and I love the resulting image. The two boys on the left were happy pulling faces and making each other laugh. The mum and daughter were chatting away, while the dad looked on proudly. I really hope you like this fun family portrait as much as I do!

Family photography sessions in Shoreditch

If you’re interested in creating your own bit of wall art with your family, please do get in touch. Whether the session takes places in Shoreditch or any other favourite location of yours, I’ll make sure you have a great time. And along the way we’ll create some memorable images. Details of my London family photography can be found here London Family Photographer

fun family photography portrait with colourful wall

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