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I love being a Fulham Family Photographer! Fulham’s an area I know really well, and it works brilliantly for family photoshoots. It’s full of lovely green spaces and perfect locations for family and children’s portraits.

Fulham Palace, the historic home of the Bishops of London, is a hidden gem. It’s tucked away near the River Thames, close to Putney Bridge. The palace itself is stunning and the scene for many a wedding. The architecture makes for some really interesting family photographs. And the fountain is always a source of pleasure for young children. The grounds of Fulham Palace are full of beautiful plants, rare trees and a stunning walled garden. It always feels like a secret garden as it is so secluded and never too busy. It really does provide the perfect setting for a family photography session.

Fulham Family Photographer at the playground!

Next to Fulham Palace is the large Bishops Park. It’s so pretty with the ornamental lake, urban beach and moat garden. It’s also great for Fulham family photoshoots as it features a large playground. I normally spend at least part of my family photo sessions at the playground. After capturing some natural family portraits it’s a great place to let off steam. It’s also a chance to capture some fun candid moments of the children enjoying themselves. One of my favourite walks is next to Bishops Park towards Putney Bridge, by the River Thames. It’s so picturesque with its green railings and large trees overhanging the water. This backdrop always looks striking in family photos. It’s also a really popular spot for rowing and is of course the start of the famous Oxford/Cambridge boat race.

Fulham family photoshoots in the other parks and cemeteries

Other great locations for a Fulham family photographer are Hurlingham Park and South Park. The smaller Eel Brook Common and the very pretty Parsons Green work well too. And I’ve taken some beautiful images over the years in Fulham Cemetery. It really does look magnificent in the spring with its blossom trees. Brompton Cemetery is another great spot for family photoshoots. I’ve really enjoyed several family photography sessions there using the Autumn colours as a glorious backdrop to family portraits.

If you live in Fulham, or it’s an area you enjoy visiting why not treat yourself to a family photography session? It’s a location that really does work wonderfully in images. And the photos will always remind you and your children of what a beautiful area they played in during their childhood.

Mother smiling and looking at her happy daughter. Little baby sitting amongst foliage on a white blanket. Smiley teenager with red jumper, purple coat and black hat leaning against railings. Family of four and their dog having fun walking through the park. Boy driving a wooden toy car in the park. Mum, dad and baby in red jacket walking by the River Thames and green railings. Three boys walking along next to railings and river. Little baby boy sitting on ground smiling with trees in background. Girl holding up a treat for the dog, who holds it's paw up. Very smiley baby boy sitting in a swing. Mum and two girls and boy walking by the river. Dad and little daughter walking through the park holding balloons. Mum, dad and baby sitting on wall with park behind them. Boy smiling with park in the background. Mum, dad and two daughters and dog smiling next to green railings with trees behind them. Mum and three children sitting on a bench laughing. Girl laughing with trees behind her. Three brothers pulling funny faces while they sit on a bench. Mum holding her baby and laughing while he looks at a fountain. Mum and three children laughing and hugging in front of the river. Man throwing his baby boy into the air in the park. Girl sitting on wall wearing ear muffs and holding her knees. Two girls looking at each other, one touching the others nose. Boy smiling while holding onto green railing. Two girls sitting on a wall, one hugging the other. Laughing boy on the grass with a football. A couple hugging while sitting on a wall in the park. Three children jumping up in the air. Smiling girl leaning on railing. Baby going doing slide towards his mum and dad. Family of five walking away through the park.

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