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Sometimes I keep coming back to a photo again and again and I love to try and work out why! I think in the image below it’s because it tells such a story. And as a storytelling family photographer this is what I am trying to do all the time. It was one of a series of vacation photos I took of this lovely American family. They were on holiday in London and wanted to record their trip with some professional photos.

Kensington – such a perfect location for family photography

As they were staying in Kensington this seemed the perfect location for our family vacation session. We started near the Royal Albert Hall, a fantastic concert venue which hosts the famous Prom concerts every summer. It is also home to the Albert Memorial, one of London’s most ornate ornaments. And on the west side of the park  you can visit the Royal Kensington Palace.

I love family storytelling images!

Anyway, back to the image below! I’ve come back to it so many times and I think the reason I enjoy it so much is because it tells such a lovely story of this American family.  The mum is standing with her back to the camera, with the three most important men in her life all walking towards her. Her smiling husband is holding her son, who looks so happy to be heading towards his mum. In the background her dad is looking on proudly at his daughter, son-in-law and grandson. It’s such a wonderful family moment. As well as taking relaxed portraits in family photography sessions I’m always looking out for moments like this. I think in years to come the family will look back at this image and be reminded of what a fantastic London vacation they all enjoyed together.

If you’re coming on a trip to London and are interested in booking a family vacation session please do get in touch. I’d love to help you choose the perfect location in London to suit your family and create some memorable images of your time on holiday here.

A man carrying a little boy towards a lady



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