Father and daughter portrait

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I love this father and daughter portrait – it’s such a sweet photo of the two of them together. It’s from a wonderful London family photography session I did in the summer. And as with a lot of my photos it’s totally unposed – just a spontaneous moment captured in an image.

Documentary family photography in Borough Market

The family photoshoot took place around Borough Market, one of my favourite locations in London. It was with a fun family of four who wanted one of their regular trips to this amazing food market documented in a series of natural photographs. This is absolutely my favourite way of taking photos – real life captured in beautiful images.

I met up with the family early one Saturday morning at Borough Market. It was lovely to see them again (I’d photographed them a few years earlier). So after a quick catch up our London photography session began. We got lots of lovely natural portraits of the family wandering through the streets surronding the Market. They were so happy to be out and about in their favourite part of this wonderful city.

And then I did what I do on all my family photoshoots. I started capturing genuine moments happening between family members. Totally naturally and unposed. Just recording life as it happens. I took individual photos of each child, some of the two siblings together and others of each parent with each child. I do this in all my London family photography sessions, as it gives the family a wide variety of images to choose from after the session.

A natural father and daughter portrait

The image below was taken while the mum and son had walked away to look at something in the Market. As we waited for them to return the dad picked his daughter up and talked to her. She put her hands on his face as they laughed and chatted. I took a few shots and was so happy with this father and daughter portrait. It shows what a wonderful relationship they have and is a photo that I’m sure they’ll enjoy in years to come.

If you’d like to have some natural portraits of you with your children, please do get in touch. You can find more details of my London family photography sessions here London Family Photographer

father and daughter portrait

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