Family Portraits in London Parks

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I love taking family portraits in London parks. And wow, how lucky are we in London with the number of beautiful parks we have?! We are spoilt for choice and it’s one of my favourite things about living in London.

Family Portraits in Holland Park

It’s not just the larger Royal Parks that I like to visit, but I also love to use the smaller lesser known parks. One that springs to mind is Holland Park situated west of Kensington Gardens. It has the most beautiful flower beds and the stunning Japanese Kyoto Garden. And if you’re really lucky you might even have a peacock wander into your family portraits!

London family photography in Chiswick House and Gardens

Another favourite location of mine is Chiswick House and Gardens. It’s a wonderful space full of greenery and stunning architecture. And although I’ve photographed many families there, I still discover beautiful new backdrops whenever I return.

Fun family portraits in London Parks

This particular London family photography session took place last Autumn. And the London park the family chose for their portraits was full of wonderful colour. Gorgeous reds, oranges and yellows provided the perfect backdrop to the lovely family in the photos. The family were such fun to be with and we got some fantastic, natural portraits of them all playing together.

I also wanted to take lots of portraits of the young boy on his own. We found a short tree trunk which worked perfectly as a seat. He had such a good time exploring the trunk and to his joy discovered it was hollow. So we created lots of fun, natural portraits of him – both sitting on the trunk and standing inside it.

Relaxed childrens portraits

I also really love the photos of him in front of the stunning red leaves. It really was the perfect backdrop for these relaxed childrens portraits.

If you’d like to book your own London family photography session, please do get in touch. Whether you’d like your family portraits taken in a London park or another favourite location, we’ll make the perfect plan for your unique family. More of my work can be found here London Family Photographer

Boy smiling in front of red Autumn leaves Family of three in front of Autumn leaves Boy having fun sitting on a tree trunk Boy laughing in front of red autumn leaves

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