Family Portraits at Home

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Having your family portraits at home works brilliantly for several reasons. From a practical point of view, it’s so relaxing for the family to be able to stay in their home, rather than trying to get everyone out of the house at a certain time. This is especially helpful when your children are very little!

Also, your children can be more relaxed in their home, which shines through in the photographs. And the main reason for me is that the family home becomes the backdrop to the family portraits. This is lovely now, but imagine how amazing it will become in years to come. When the children are grown up and can look at the photos and be reminded of the family home where they grew up.

Beautiful family portraits at home

The family in the photos below wanted to have their family portraits at home, partly because with six busy people in the family it was easier to organise. And also, their home was absolutely beautiful! I was so happy with all the different backgrounds to work with.

The family were such good fun and I loved photographing them. One of my favourite family portraits from our morning together is the first one below. We were actually trying to recreate a photo the family had taken when the children were much younger. This is always a challenge, but one I’m very happy to have a go at! I love the resulting family portrait so much. Everyone looks so happy to be together.

Natural portraits of each family member

I really like the individual portraits of each family member too (including the cat of course!) It’s something I try and do in every London family photography session. These solo portraits turned out fun and natural, just the way I like them!

If you’re interested in having some family portraits at home, please do get in touch. I’d love to create some unique images for you and your family to treasure forever. You can find more example of my family portraits here London Family Photographer

Six members of a family tickling each other on the grass Family of six sitting in front of orange wall and foliage Man with cat and dad sitting on a chair in a garden Girl laughing and young man smiling Two boys laughing 3 men and a lady smiling together Boy lying on the grass Cat playing with a bubble on the grass Boy carrying huge ball looking at cat Two children towards bubbles, with 4 grown ups in the background Family of six chatting in their garden Mum, dad, 3 sons, a daughter and a cat smiling together Family of six lying on top of each other on the grass Four children lying on the grass Mum and Dad kissing on windowsill surrounded by children family of six sitting on a sofa having fun Silhouette of family of six

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