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I really enjoy all of my family portrait photography sessions, but this has to be one of the cutest of 2019! Photographing little children is a joy – you never know quite what to expect! That’s why I keep my family photography really natural and don’t try and pose families too much. I’ll guide them into good locations, where both the light and background are lovely. And I might give tips to the grown-ups and what to do with awkward hands! And maybe request a joke every now and again to keep the mood light-hearted. But apart from that I just let the action happen in front of me. If the family and children can be themselves we’re much more likely to capture some beautiful natural family portraits.

Finding the perfect location for family portrait photography

I was so happy to photograph this particular family as they had two very sweet twin girls. We met one beautiful sunny afternoon in the family’s local park. I’d seen a few spots before the photoshoot that I thought would work perfectly for the family photographs. One was a fallen down tree trunk which made an ideal seat for the children. One of my favourite family portraits of the day is the one of the two little girls sitting on the trunk facing away from each other. There’s just something about the symmetry of them, looking in opposite directions, with matching dresses, ponytails and body language that works for me. I really hope it’ll be one of those photos that’s treasured as the girls grow up in this lovely family.

We also made use of a nearby building for some of the family photos. I love to use interesting architecture in images if I can. I had the family sit on a step in front of a huge arched doorway which framed them perfectly. It created an image that I think would work really well printed large and hanging on the wall in a beautiful frame.

I really hope you enjoy seeing some of my favourite images from this family portrait photography session.

Family of four sitting on a step in front of beautiful building. Two little blonde girls peeping above a railing. Family of four sitting on a tree trunk laughing. Two girls with ponytails looking away from each other. Family of four sitting on a tree trunk. Man, lady and two girls hugging on the grass. Two girls in blue dresses chasing bubbles. Two little girls throwing a ball to each other. Little girl playing with a toy while sitting on the grass. Little girl lying on the grass. Girl lying on the grass on a cuddly toy. Mum and dad throwing their two twin daughters in the air. Two little girls with ponytails looking at each other sitting on the grass. Mum with blonde hair kissing little girl on the cheek. Little girl peeping above railing. Family of four walking away in park.

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