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Do you remember Storm Brian that hit us in October of last year? Well you might think anyone would be crazy to try and do a photography session during that. But that’s exactly what this family portrait photographer in South West London did! Well the storm hadn’t actually arrived, but it was building up. You could certainly feel it in the air!

What a wonderful birthday present!

I had photographed these three lovely boys earlier in the year. One of the images from that session had been printed onto a large canvas as a surprise birthday present for the Dad. Well I was delighted to hear that the Dad was over the moon with his gift. So much so that the he booked in another session later in the year for the whole family.

Do you remember Storm Brian?

The photography session was booked in for one Saturday in October. My heart began to sink as I watched the weather forecast in the few days leading up to the shoot. Storm Brian was due to hit London on the Saturday! I’m always happy to change the day of a photography session if the weather’s looking bad and the family are keen to have the photos taken outside. So I checked with the family, but they were keen to go ahead. So we all kept our fingers crossed that the storm would just hold off until lunchtime!

Well I have to say we were extremely lucky for our family portrait photography session, as we spent a wonderful hour in the sunshine in the local park. Yes, it was a touch windy at times (!) but it wasn’t too cold and the light was beautiful. The brief was to mainly get some portraits of the whole family together and then of the three boys separately, so we had lots of fun creating a selection of those. It was so lovely to see the boys again, this time with both parents, and in the end I was so glad that we were brave enough to go ahead with the family portrait session. Apart from a few windswept photos you would hardly have known that Storm Brian was on it’s way!

Family of five standing on a wooden bridge in the park. Portrait of a boy in the park. Portrait of a boy in the park. Portrait of a boy in the park. Family of five sitting on a bench in the park. Portrait of a boy in his house. Portrait of a boy in his house. Portrait of a boy in his house. Family of five walking away from me in the park.

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