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As well as doing London photography sessions outdoors in parks, I also take lots of family photos at home. This is for a variety of reasons, one of them being the weather! If it’s freezing cold outside, families often prefer to have their family portraits taken in the warmth of their home. Or if they have a newborn baby, it’s much better to stay home for the baby photography session. And sometimes the family just find it easier being in their own home, especially when the children are little and might get distracted at the park.

Why having family photos at home can be the perfect option

Whatever the reason for having your family photos at home, it can work brilliantly. Everyone is relaxed, the children feel safe in a familiar environment and your home provides the backdrop to the family photos. How fascinating this will be in years to come, looking back on your home décor as fashions change.

This was my second portrait photoshoot with the family in the photos below. Their first session was outside on a warm summer’s day, when their twin girls were around six months old. For the second session, which they booked to celebrate the girls turning one, the weather was much colder. So we opted for a family photoshoot at home, in their beautiful London flat.

Natural baby twin portraits

The girls were fabulously smiley, and we got lots of beautiful baby portraits of them together and on their own. One of my favourite photos of these cute twins is the first one below. Apparently, the girl on the left spends a lot of time in this position reading books, so I was keen to capture this in a photo.  I was delighted when her twin sister started playing with a toy next to her. With my camera held high I took a few photos. I was so happy with this one, the girls in the same position, but one looking up, one down.

Autumn family portraits

The family flat had a balcony which looked onto some beautiful trees, which were still full of Autumn colour. Although it was cold outside, we braved it for a few minutes to get a variety of portraits of the sisters with their parents. The resulting autumnal family portraits were stunning – the lovely parents looking so proudly at their very happy baby girls.

If you’d like to see more of my baby photography, please do take a look here London Baby Photographer


One girl lying on her back with a book, the other girl playing with a toy. Two baby girls crawling on the floor. Two little girls, one in blue dress, one in pink dress. Family of four having fun sitting on a sofa. Twin girls, one with mouth wide open. Family of four on sofa. Two twin girls sitting on sofa. Little baby girl in pink dress with hands in air. Portrait of baby girl Portrait of baby girl Happy baby girl playing with toy. One little girl playing with blue ball, another baby girl next to her. Family of four on balcony in front of Autumn trees. Dad holding baby girl in front of Autumn leaves. Mum holding baby girl in front of Autumn leaves. Mum holding baby girl in front of Autumn leaves. Dad holding baby girl in front of Autumn leaves. Man, lady and two baby girls in front of large window. Girl leaning on sofa with wide smile. Baby girl reading a book. Two babies looking over their parents' shoulders.

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