Family Photography Session in South West London

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With the weather turning colder I’ve been thinking back to a wonderful family photography session in South West London at the end of the summer. I had a really fun morning photographing a great family with two lovely lively boys and their cute little sister.

It’s great to start your family photography session at home

I often start photography sessions in the family home. It’s a place where they feel comfortable and relaxed, so they can just go about their normal routine. This way I get the chance to capture some natural images when the children do not have to try and behave. They can just do what they normally do while I chat with them and get some images of them all.

After a while it’s great to bring the family together. And nothing beats a fun board game around the kitchen table for creating smiles, laughter and emotions. The family often gets so engrossed in the game that they forget I’m around. This works really well as nobody has to pose or think about what they’re doing.

When we do start on a few more “set up” shots I have a few techniques on hand to keep the kids engaged. I told this little group that if they looked hard enough they could see the butterfly that lives inside my camera. This sparked a stampede for the camera and resulted in a couple of fun close ups as they searched for the butterfly.

Leaving the house behind us we wandered along the River Thames to their local park. Here the kids could have fun and I could get a lovely variety of natural images. I enjoyed this family photography session in South West London so much. The children were an absolute delight and such fun to photograph. I was so happy to hear their parents were delighted with the images too!

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