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As a London baby photographer I was thrilled to be asked to take photos of baby Jonny. He was unbelievably cute and snoozed his way through most of our session. I love travelling around the city meeting families and photographing them in their homes or outdoors on location. I particularly love photographing newborn babies as there is such an emotional feeling to the session.

Baby Portraits in the Paul Hamlyn Hall

Jonny’s parents are both violinists and work with the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. So when we were in the process of organising our newborn baby photography session we were all overjoyed when permission was granted to take the photos in the fantastic space of the Paul Hamlyn Hall in the Royal Opera House.

As well as getting the usual close up shots of this gorgeous newborn baby with and without his parents I really wanted to make use of the amazing venue we were in. So I made sure I got some wider shots of the family in this spacious environment too. I particularly like the image of Jonny being carried by his Dad across the Paul Hamlyn Hall. It really emphasises the tininess of this little newborn baby. I also really like the shot where both parents are sitting in front of the huge striking windows of the Hall. It really is the most fantastic architecture – well worth a visit if you haven’t seen it already.

Natural, fun baby photography images

But my favourite image of the whole baby photography session has to be the first one in the blog. Jonny was lying down on a blanket with his parents looking adoringly at him. At that moment he did a huge yawn which I managed to capture on camera. He looks so cute and almost as if he is shouting at his bemused father. This image manages to make me smile whenever I look at it!

If you’re interested in booking a newborn baby photography session please do get in touch. I can’t promise that it will take place in such a huge fantastic setting but I’m sure your home will work just as perfectly too!


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