Christmas Family Photography

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I love doing Christmas Family Photography sessions, particularly on lovely mild Autumn days! Autumn is always a busy time of year with families booking photography sessions. They then use the images for Christmas cards, presents and calendars. Or some just see it as a great time to update their family photos. This time of year also happens to be one of my favourite seasons for photography. Apart from the wonderful colours of the leaves I also adore the beautiful soft light.

Festive Family Photography in the Park

I was in South London recently for a Christmas family photography session and we were so lucky with the weather. The kids were so cute and had dressed for the part, which gave a very festive mood to the afternoon. We started off in the family home, getting some photos of both children together and also some individual portraits. After that we headed off to their local park to wander around and find some deep piles of autumn leaves to have fun with. Throwing leaves in the air is always a great source of amusement and they also make a great backdrop or blanket to add some different texture. Some of my favourite images of the day are where the older brother is looking after his baby sister in such a sweet, gentle manner. You can tell he’s absolutely besotted with her.

We enjoyed strolling around letting the older child naturally find things to amuse himself while his baby sister looked on and then joined in for a bit of brotherly love. Some of the photos are going to be made into canvases as a surprise present for their father. I hope he’ll enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making the photos. I hope you enjoy seeing some of my favourite images from this Christmas photography session.

If you’d like to book a Christmas family photography session please do get in touch on or 07813 816335. We can have so much fun with the children’s outfits – and parents too if you like!

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