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Here’s a little glimpse of a London family photography session I did recently. More images will follow soon. Some of my favourite photos are of the moments in between the “posed” shots. In this scene I was photographing five children with their grandmother when suddenly everything descended into chaos and laughter. OK I admit it… the tickling was my idea but I love the result  🙂

From film to digital in two years!

When I started on my photography journey I wasn’t quite sure of the direction I wanted to go in. I just knew that I wanted to turn my hobby of taking photographs into my profession. So I enrolled on a two year course at the City of Westminster College. It was a time of vast change in the photography world. The course started using film in the dark room and by the time I graduated I was totally digital!

The course was fantastic and by the time I finished I knew I wanted to spend my time photographing people. I feel lucky enough to have done that ever since then. I photograph weddings, engagements, families, musicians, headshots, schools, nurseries. So many different areas of work, but all with one thing in common – people!

Documentary family photography

And the more photo sessions I did the more I liked the really natural, documentary style. So I now try, as much as possible, to photograph life as it happens, without too much intervention from me. Sometimes a helping hand is needed though and when these five lovely children posed on the sofa with their grandma I knew it was going to make a lovely family portrait, which it did, but I wanted more. So I asked the children if they wanted to test out who was the most ticklish amongst them. That was it – the laughter began, I clicked away and that was how this image was made. I just love the happiness on the faces of every single child and of the grandma – I hope you enjoy the image too.


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