Christmas Vacation Photography

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I loved this Christmas Vacation Photography session so much! The family were visiting London and wanted some festive family portraits taken at London landmarks. Their session was 3 hours long, so plenty of time to take in the sights. But there was one thing I needed to know before planning their family photoshoot. How far were they happy to walk? Luckily for me they loved walking, so we planned a wonderful route starting in Covent Garden and ending at Tower Bridge. That is quite a long walk, but a beautiful one, along the River Thames.

A very festive Covent Garden

We met up one morning a few weeks back and began our London family photography session in Covent Garden. The Christmas decorations at Covent Garden always look spectacular, and I knew they would provide fantastic backdrops for the family portraits. And they did!

Autumn family portraits and graffiti!

We then made our way to Victoria Embankment Gardens. There was still some Autumnal foliage left on the trees, and I was keen to include it in some of the family portraits. Then we wandered across the Golden Jubilee Bridge, which looked beautiful in some casual walking shots of the family. And our next stop was the Southbank Skatepark. I’ve done so many London family photoshoots in front of these graffiti-covered walls and I’m still amazed how fabulous they look in photographs.

Vacation Photography at St Paul’s Cathedral

Carrying on further along the river, we took in Gabriel’s Wharf (with its colourful shops and restaurants) and the striking Oxo Tower. Then we arrived at one of my favourite backdrops for London vacation photography. The view of St Paul’s Cathedral from the Millennium Bridge. I took a variety of family portraits on the bridge which were wonderfully fun and natural. And I was overjoyed to hear later that the second photo of the blog ended up large and framed in the family home. They loved it that much!

Christmas Vacation Photography at Tower Bridge

We’d been walking for quite a while at this point, so a visit to Borough Market seemed a perfect idea. The family sampled some of the gorgeous food from a few of the stalls, while I took some candid shots of them. And then it was on to the final magnificent landmark – Tower Bridge, which was looking fabulously festive.

I absolutely loved this Christmas Vacation Photography session. The family were brilliant fun and I enjoyed my morning with them so much. If you’re visiting London, why not hire a professional family photographer to record your special time in this fantastic city? Details of how I work can be found here London Vacation Photographer

Family of three next to huge decoration, with Tower Bridge in the background. Three people hugging in front of Paul's Cathedral, and walking across the Golden Jubilee Bridge. Three people laughing, surrounded by graffiti. Man kissing lady in front of red London phone boxes Girl with Shakespeare mural, family of three under red bow and Covent Garden Market sign Family of three by some phone boxes, with a ballerina statue in the foreground Young lady sitting on a graffiti covered seat. man and two ladies walking through the park. Family of three having fun at Gabriel's Wharf. Family of three looking at view of London. Man jumping in the air surrounded by graffiti. Family of three in front of wall of painted hearts. One man and two ladies in front of the Oxo Building. Girl jumping in the air and 3 people walking in the park. Three people looking at Tower Bridge

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