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It’s always a bit nerve-wrecking when you arrive at a venue to meet the family you’re photographing, and you discover that the session is a surprise for one of the family members! In this case the dad had thoughtfully booked the session as a birthday present for his wife, and she had no idea what was happening until she met me! I needn’t have worried though, as she was overjoyed at the idea of having a family photoshoot. As I hear so often, she’d wanted to have one for a while, but just hadn’t got around to booking one. And as for me – being a Chiswick House family photographer for an afternoon turned out to be the best fun!

The family were brilliant – there were three lovely children with their parents. Plus one grandma, an aunt and an uncle. And the venue they chose was one of my favourites – Chiswick House and Gardens. All in all, it was perfect, and I couldn’t wait to get going capturing some natural family portraits.

The joys of being a Chiswick House family photographer!

Chiswick House provides so many wonderful backdrops, so I’m always spoilt for choice when I photograph families there. For this session I picked some of my favourites backgrounds and in each location photographed different combinations of this extended family. This way they would have a huge variety of images to choose from after the shoot. The family were great to photograph – such fun, and the session was full of chat and laughter. The children were brilliant – running around, jumping up and down and cuddling.

One of my favourite images from this London family photography session is the one where they are doing funny walks along a pathway lined with beautiful purple flowers. Such a joyous image. I’m also really pleased with the large group portraits of everyone together. I really wanted these to look spontaneous, rather than forced and posed. I love how they are engaging with each other and you can see the close relationships between family members. This really was a wonderful London family photoshoot, and I’m so glad the surprise was a happy one!

If you’d like to surprise a loved one with a London family photography session, please do get in touch. And to see more of my natural family portraits have a look at my website here London Family Photographer

Family of eight looking at each other having fun. Little boy running towards me with family in the background. Mum, dad, daughter and two sons smiling on a pathway. Three children hugging on a path. Two boys and a girl holding hands on a path. Family of six laughing on a path. Two brother and a sister running and pulling faces on a path. Mum, dad, two boys and one girl sitting on the steps. Three children sitting on stone steps. Girl walking across the grass. Boy walking across grass swinging his arms. Boy running across the grass. Lady looking wistful. Family of five cuddling each other. Girl and boy having fun running around on a field. Three children hugging on a pathway. little boy blowing bubbles in the park. Girl blowing bubbles outdoors. Large family group interacting. Mum having fun in the park with her three children. Large family having fun in the park.

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