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During lockdown I’m enjoying looking back on some of my favourite photos from previous years. Although I’m really missing all my Spring family photography sessions that are now postponed, I’m making the most of the free time I have to do some other jobs. One of them is to update the photo galleries on my website. While looking though old images I came across this one, which I like just as much now as I did when I took it. For me creative wedding photography doesn’t just start with the ceremony, it begins from the moment I meet up with the bride in the morning.

Bridal Preparation photos

I joined this lovely bride and her best friend, on the morning of the wedding, at the hairdressers. After having a quick chat about the exciting day ahead, I started taking photos while she had her hair styled. I’m always looking for something a bit different in my wedding photography. Photos that you might not see every day. As I photographed this happy bride from different distances and angles I kept looking for that unique, creative image.

Creative Wedding Photography using mirrors

Luckily the hairdressers was fairly empty on the morning of the wedding. As I had the run of the place I was able to experiment with different ideas. I decided to take advantage of the mirrors and create a reflection shot. Standing really close to one of the mirrors I waited until the bride was smiling and clicked a few frames. I was so happy with the resulting shot, particularly when converted to black and white. I love the look on the bride’s face, happily chatting about her wedding day plans. The concentrated tilt of the hairdresser’s head and the beautifully curled hair of the best friend both add something to the image too.

I hope you enjoy this photograph of bridal preparation as much as I do. If you’d like to see more examples of my London wedding photography, please do take a look here London Wedding Photographer

creative wedding photography

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