Baby Twin Photography

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This recent baby twin photography session was an absolute joy. We’d had a couple of false starts because of bad weather (I’m always happy to reschedule if this happens). And when we finally met up, we were blessed with the most gloriously warm summer’s day.

Professional baby photography

When these very sweet little baby girls were born the country was heading into another strict lockdown, so the family had been unable to have any professional photos taken. As soon as everything started to ease, they booked a London family photoshoot with me. So the twins were around six months old when I photographed them. This is a lovely age for a professional baby twin photography session as you can really see each baby’s personality. Also they are usually starting to sit up unaided, so it’s possible to take some creative portraits of them alone, not only in their parents arms.

The perfect location for a baby twin photography session

This London family photography session took place in the communal gardens surrounding the family home. It really was a stunning location with fields and trees stretching for miles. And there was a pretty courtyard garden full of roses, which was the perfect spot to begin the family photoshoot. And when I saw the lavender in one of the flower beds I knew it would look wonderful in the foreground of one of the photos. I just love the resulting family portrait, with the mum interacting with one of her baby daughters, who is laughing with joy. While the dad looks fondly on and her twin sister gazes peacefully into the distance.

I really hope you enjoy seeing this natural family portrait as much as I enjoyed creating it. To see more of my London baby photography please do take a look at the gallery on my website here – London Baby Photographer

baby twin photography


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