Baby Photography Sessions on Location

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It’s such a joy to photograph babies. As with all my photography, I like to keep the images as natural as possible. I photograph babies of all ages – they grow so fast in the first year and every stage is special. If your baby is newborn, or it’s the middle of winter, then the session can take place in the comfort of your home. But if your baby is a little older and it’s warmer outside then I offer baby photography sessions on location. These can take place anywhere outdoors, using the beauty of nature as the perfect backdrop to your family photographs.

Baby Portraits in your Local Park

Maybe you have a favourite local park you like to go to. This is the ideal location for any family photography session, as it’s probably the place you’ll spend most time together outside your home. Also, if it’s close to your family home you don’t have to worry about travelling too far for the photo session. This is especially helpful if your baby is still very little. Alternatively, I’m happy to suggest a few great locations if you’re not too sure where to go. As well as the larger London parks, Battersea Park and Bishops Park in Fulham are all brilliant places for photography and feature in the images below. Other possibilities are Holland Park and Clapham Common. To be honest I’m happy to photograph anywhere, so if you have any ideas just let me know.

Relaxed, fun family photography sessions

Wherever you decide to have your baby photography session you can be assured that it will be relaxed and fun. There’s no pressure for anyone to perform for the camera. You can just enjoy being with your beautiful baby and leave me to capture that special time between you as a family.

If you’re interested in booking a baby photography session, please do get in touch. We can decide what will work best for your unique family and create a set of fantastic professional photographs that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Mum and dad pushing a pram through an avenue of trees. Baby girl in red and white dress sitting on the grass holding a daisy. Baby sitting on white blanket surrounded by plants. Tiny baby being held in the air by a lady, with trees in the background. Baby being cuddled by his mother. Baby boy being thrown in the air by his dad, amongst the autumn leaves. Man and lady holding their baby with autumn leaves in the background. Baby looking over his parents shoulders with long path in the background. Baby in blue jacket sitting on path with trees in the background. Baby boy in a stripey top laughing in a red swing. Mum and dad looking at their baby with the Royal Greenwich Observatory in the background. Family of five sitting on the grass full of daisies. Baby eating a leaf with a hand coming to get the leaf. Baby sitting on path surrounded by bubbles. Parents carrying baby and walking by River Thames with Albert Bridge in the background. Little baby girl sitting in grass full of daisies looking at cuddly toy. Little baby girl crawling on grass with pink flowers behind. Baby boy being thrown in the air by his daddy. Very smiley baby in swing in park Man and lady in park - the mum is holding her baby's hand. Mother and father walking along river path carrying baby in red jacket. Little girl feeding ice-cream to baby boy. Four grown-ups standing in front of a fountain, smiling at baby  Baby boy driving a wooding car in the park. Baby boy sitting on bench smiling at camera. Mum hugging her smiling baby. Man lying on grass blowing bubbles with baby boy and dog next to him. Man and lady looking down inside a pram with Canary Wharf in the background. Baby girl in red and white dress sitting on grass throwing a toy. Man carrying smiling baby towards lady. Father holding up his laughing baby boy in front of duck pond. Smiling baby standing leaning on large tree trunk. Mother smiling at her happy baby, while they sit on steps. Smiling baby with teddy bear in front Baby sticking bottom lip out

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