Baby Photography in Your Home

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When I photograph babies, I like to keep the photos as natural as possible, as with all my photography sessions. If your baby is old enough and the weather is warm it’s lovely to get outside in a local park. But if you have a newborn or it’s the middle of winter then I prefer to do the baby photography session in the comfort of your home, rather than in a studio.

Relaxing, natural baby photography at home

This is for quite a few reasons, which I’d like to share with you. Firstly, if your baby is newborn it’s so much easier for you to stay in your home for the session. I will come to you, so you don’t have to worry about getting somewhere on time. I find it hard to believe that my two “little ones” are both teenagers now. However, I still remember how long it used to take me to get out of the house in those early days! It’s something I wouldn’t have believed before having my first baby. But it really would take me hours to get everything organised and through the front door!

Also, because I come to your home for the photography session there’s no pressure on time. I will stay with you until we have a great variety of fantastic images of you with your baby. So, if your baby needs to nap, feed or have a nappy change you can relax. There’s no need to worry that your time will be up soon.

Including your home in the baby portraits

Another reason I love to do baby photography sessions at home is so that your house can be the backdrop to the images. I really enjoy looking back at old family photos of when I was young. Not only do I love looking at my family and friends, but I’m also fascinated with the décor of our home all those years ago! It’s particularly special to look back fondly on these family photos if you move home later on.

If you’re interested in a natural baby photography session in the comfort of your family home, please do get in touch. I’d love to create some meaningful images of you and your little one that will be treasured for generations to come.

Mum and dad holding and smiling at their baby. Baby lying on bed with pink cushions behind her. Face of newborn baby asleep in someone's hand. Mum holding her baby's hand, who is smiling at her. Baby looking at me smiling from her cot. Newborn baby and his older brother lying on a dark coloured rug. Lady with long hair holding and smiling at her baby. Baby in cot with lovely colours behind him. Dad and his baby looking and smiling at each other. Feet of little baby. Little baby looking cute. Lady feeding baby with bottle. Little girl touching the face of her baby brother. Little newborn fast asleep in someone's hand. Very smiley baby in pink outfit with patterned blanket behind her. Dad looking at his wife, who is looking at their baby lying on the bed. Dad looking at his baby. Little boy kissing his baby brother in his chair. Baby in blue pyjamas lying asleep on a bed. Baby yawning on white blanket with his parent's looking at him. Mother looking lovingly at her asleep baby. Boy with arms and leg in the air lying on the bed. Baby with his and at his mouth looking over man's shoulder. Lady holding a baby with arm dangling in front of window. Baby sleeping under a blanket. Dad lifting his baby off changing mat. mum looking at her baby. Baby in a red top with his mum looking at him. Mum and dad looking at their baby. Man looking at sleeping baby on his shoulder. Little baby looking at toy rabbit. Mummy and daddy kissing their baby. Baby sleeping under white blanket.

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