What’s the best age for baby photography?

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I get a lot of baby photography enquiries and the first question I’m often asked is what the best age is to photograph a baby. So I thought it might be helpful to write a blog about my thoughts on this. I’ve also included lots of photos to illustrate the different ages of babies I’ve photographed.

So what is the best age for baby photography?

Well the simple answer is there isn’t really a “best” age with my style of photography. Sorry if that’s not helpful but I’ll try and explain my reason for this answer. In my family photography sessions, I keep everything as relaxed and natural as possible. And my aim is to do exactly the same in my baby photography sessions. I don’t use a studio, instead I come to your house for the session. And for slightly older babies we can also go outside (depending on the weather of course!) I don’t use any props or backgrounds either. The photos are taken with your home as the backdrop to the images. As I don’t need the baby to be asleep for those curled up sleepy newborn photographs you sometimes see, I can photograph the baby at any age.

However I do always guide parents what they can expect from the photos at various ages of their baby. This way they can choose what will work best for them.

Newborn photography

In the first few weeks there will be lots of photos of your baby asleep. We don’t need props for this – we can use your bed or a favourite blanket instead. The fourth photo in the blog is a good example of this.

Photos when your baby is a little older

For babies around a month old we can get photos where there is more interaction between the baby and parents. The first two photos are great examples of this – perfectly natural family portraits of you with your baby.

Outdoor family photography sessions

When the baby starts to sit up at around 6 months old it’s lovely if we can do part or all of the session outside. Perhaps in your favourite park, where you’ll be spending so much time in the years to come.

And whatever age your baby is I will always include some cute detail shots of your baby’s feet and hands – such precious memories to have.

I hope it helps to hear my thoughts on the best age to have your baby photographed. Please find details of my newborn and baby photography here London baby photographer

Parents holding their tiny baby Dad looking down at smiling babyBaby sleeping on rug with toy rabbitgrown up hands and baby feetbaby girl sitting in long grass and throwing a toymum holding sleeping baby by windowParents pushing a pram through the parkSleeping baby with green backgroundLady looking at sleeping baby

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