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One of the cutest things about my job has to be photographing babies. Now my own two “babies” are teenagers it’s lovely to spend time being with a baby again. Whether they are a newborn or several months old I love it! I offer natural baby photography sessions all over London and enjoy them so much. The photoshoots take place in the comfort of your own home. This means you don’t have to worry about getting anywhere at a certain time, particularly in those early newborn stages. I remember when my two were tiny it would take me hours to get out of the house!

In this particular London baby photography session, the baby boy was a little older and almost sitting up on his own. The family had booked one of my 3-hour family photography sessions, so the plan was to start the photoshoot in their home, then go on to their local park.

Natural baby photography at a time that suits you

I arrived at the family home just as the baby boy was finishing his nap. If the baby is older and in a routine I’m more than happy to be flexible with timings and fit around what works for you. The family had a fantastic blue sofa, so I started the photography session there, getting some cute portraits of the baby sitting on his own. The blue colour worked perfectly with his sweet little dungarees.

We then took some natural family portraits of the baby boy with his mum and dad. After that we captured some lovely moments of the baby playing and having lots of mummy and daddy cuddles. It was then time to wrap up warm and make our way to the local park.

Unique family portrait in the park

It was in the park that I took one of my favourite family portraits of the session. It’s the first one below, where the family are cuddling on a beautiful bridge. Just as I clicked the shutter a seagull flew into the frame, adding an element of fun to this natural family portrait.

If you’re interested in having a natural baby photography session, whatever the age of your baby, please do get in touch. I’d love to spend some time with your precious little one and produce some stunning images that will always remind of you or these special early years. Details of my London baby photography sessions can be found here London Baby Photographer

man, lady and baby standing on a bridge with a seagull about the fly past them. Baby playing with a colourful toy on a blue sofa. man and lady sitting on a sofa with a baby between them. Baby playing with a colourful square toy. Man looking down at smiling baby. Baby lying on white blanket and smiling. Man, lady and baby all lying on a cream rug. Baby laughing in his mum's arms. Mum kissing her baby. Baby looking over his dad's shoulder. Mum and Dad looking at their baby. Mum, dad and baby walking through the park. Baby sitting on mum's lap with bubbles being blown on him. Lady kissing baby on the cheek with trees in the background. Mummy and daddy kissing their baby in the park. Mum and dad walking through park pushing a pram. Baby sleeping in pram.

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