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I’m spending more time taking professional London headshots these days and it’s something I really enjoy doing. Headshot photography is so different from all the family photography I do and provides a great contrast in my working life. I adore photographing children, but occasionally it’s really lovely to have a full conversation with a grown up! And even though running after small children is great for my fitness levels it’s sometimes nice to walk at a more sedate pace during the photography session!

Headshot photography sessions on location

Most of my headshot photography sessions last around an hour and take place on location. This can either be outside, where we can find lots of interesting backgrounds, or in your office, or a combination of the two. When someone enquires about a headshot session I find out what their work is and what they need the photos for first. Then we find the ideal location for the shoot. This way we can produce fantastic images that will really complement their brand.

For example if a particular colour is used in their business logo then it could work well to have some of the photos using a backdrop of the same colour. I have a headshot session coming up soon, where the lady I’m photographing works in the City of London. So that’s exactly what we’ll use as the backdrop to the images. We’ll take the photographs on the Southbank with the City in the background across the River Thames.

Professional London Headshots in a Café

The lovely lady in the image below runs several fantastic cafés in South West London. So it really made sense to do part of the headshot session in one of the cafés. The coffee cups, coffee machine and menu board really tell us the story of the amazing business this lady has built up. And just add to that her wonderful smile and we have a fantastic business portrait that she’ll be able to use to promote her cafés for years to come.

If you need some new images for your business please do get in touch. We can design the perfect headshot photography session to bring out your personality and enhance your brand. Details on my sessions can be found here London Headshot Photographer

professional London headshots

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