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I love this image from a fun children’s photography session I did over the summer – it makes me smile! This very cute little boy was with his parents on a family photoshoot near Tower Bridge. We’d already got lots of great family portraits of the three of them together using the stunning backdrop of Tower Bridge. So it was time to get some portraits of the little boy on his own.

Happy, fun children’s photography sessions

When I photograph children, I try and keep it as natural as possible. If you ask a child to smile for the camera either they won’t, or if they do it probably won’t look very natural. So instead I just let them play and take shots while they’re having fun. Or I might ask mum or dad to stand behind me and engage with their child. After all they know exactly what will get the best reaction and make them laugh. It can either be a joke, singing a song, or my favourite – some dad dancing! Unfortunately I never get to see the dancing that’s going on behind me, but I don’t mind if it produces an image like this! To be honest I can’t quite remember what was happening at the time of this fun children’s portrait, but it certainly brought out the best in this little boy.

London family photography in Shad Thames

I’m so happy with everything about this image. The background is one of my favourite streets near Tower Bridge, Shad Thames – a fantastic cobbled riverside street full of old warehouses. I also really like the colours of the photo – the way the boy’s cardigan matches the yellow brick of the buildings, and his jeans the blue doorways. His natural laugh just makes me want to smile. And I love the way he’s clutching hold of his precious toy bunny.

I really hope you like this image from such a fun London family photography session. If you’d like me to create some unique images of your children, please do get in touch. Details of my London’s Children Photography can be found here London Children’s Photographer

little boy holding his toy rabbit and laughing

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