City of London family photoshoot

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I love this image from a recent City of London family photoshoot. Not just because I’m happy with the photo itself, but also because I was back photographing in one of my favourite areas of London.

London Vacation Photography sessions

Every year I usually photograph lots of families from all over the world who are on holiday in London. They book a London Vacation Photography session with me to record their adventures in this wonderful city. Of course, because of Covid, families have been unable to travel here this year. In fact, my last holiday photoshoot was back in March, just before the country went into lockdown. And I can’t begin to tell you how much I miss doing them. Photographing families who are excited to be in London on holiday is wonderful. I love meeting them, hearing about their lives back home and creating wonderful photographs of them in front of London’s stunning landmarks.

However once lockdown ended and it was safe to be working outdoors again, something wonderful happened! Families who live in London started booking me for photo sessions in central London. I think maybe it was because people had missed being able to be out and about in their favourite areas of London. And also, families realised it was the perfect time for a photography session in the City as it was much quieter than usual.

Such a fun City of London family photoshoot!

Whatever the reason I was happy! Even more so when I met up with this lovely family who at one point had lived near Tower Bridge. So that’s exactly where we did the photos and it was fun! The parents were a delight to meet – so friendly and with the cutest little boy who didn’t stop smiling once!

If you’d like to take advantage of the quieter streets of London and book a session in your favourite London location, please do get in touch. Examples of my central London family portraits can be found here London Vacation Photographer

City of London family photoshoot

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