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Being in lockdown in London does feel very strange. I’ve heard it referred to as the “Big Pause in Life” and that’s exactly how it feels to me. As all my family photography sessions have been postponed I now have a lot of time on my hands. I’ve settled into a new, much slower routine and find myself with space to think. I started wondering about all the new hobbies people might be taking up. And this reminded me of one of my favourite films “Groundhog Day”.

In this brilliant film the main character, a TV weatherman, finds himself reliving the same day over and over again. At the beginning this drives him to distraction, but after a while he turns the situation to his advantage. One of the things he decides to do is learn the piano. In his first music lesson you can hear he is a beginner, by the end he’s a virtuoso pianist! It’s so funny in the film, but made me think what might be possible during this lockdown. I don’t think I’ll manage to do anything as remarkable as master the piano, but I am enjoying having time to do other things I enjoy. Baking, reading, solving sudokus, jigsaws, online yoga. And my biggest achievement so far – learning how to work the Sky Box!

I can’t wait to get back to all my family photography sessions, London vacation photoshoots and musicians portrait sessions. But for now I’m going to make the best of the situation as it is. I am just so grateful that my family and friends are all safe and well.

Professional musicians portrait of a fantastic pianist!

I really hope you like this professional musicians portrait of an amazing pianist I photographed a while back at St James’s Church Paddington. If you’re a professional musician and need your pubicity photos updated I’d love to photograph you when life returns to normal. Or if you find yourself taking up an instrument in lockdown, like the character in “Groundhog Day” and would like to celebrate your success with a musicians photography session I’d love to hear from you too. Details on my London musicians photography can be found here London Musicians Photographer

professional musicians portrait


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