Natural Child Portrait

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I love this natural child portrait that I took on a London vacation photography session last summer. I was with a lovely family who were on holiday in London and had asked me to capture a morning of their trip with some professional family portraits.

London Vacation Photography from Abbey Road to Tower Bridge

We met up outside Abbey Road Studios in John’s Wood to begin the family photography session. The first few shots I took were of the family crossing the iconic zebra crossing outside the famous recording studios. Then we hopped onto a tube and travelled to Tower Bridge on the other side of London. This gave us a great chance to have a chat about their travels. They were having a wonderful time in London and were excited to be exploring the area around Tower Bridge.

When I photograph families in London I take lots of relaxed family portraits in front of the famous landmarks. I also try and find some lesser known areas with interesting backgrounds. Having lived in London my whole life I’ve got to know so many quirky locations which work brilliantly for London vacation photography. I can’t wait to show families these areas that otherwise they might not have seen.

A colourful natural child portrait

The wall in this particular image is one of many brightly coloured murals only a five-minute walk from Tower Bridge. As I love to use bright colour in my photographs I find the setting works perfectly for some fun family portraits. The sweet little girl in this natural child portrait seemed pretty happy to see all the fun walls too. So after photographing the family together I knelt down and took a few frames of her holding onto her mum and dad’s hands. I love her happy smile, and the way her little feet are poised, ready to go onto the next adventure. And the fact that the pom poms and leaves on her outfit match the walls behind her completes the portrait for me.

I hope you enjoy this natural child portrait as much as I do. If you’re planning a trip to London (once we’re able to travel again) I’d love to meet and photograph your family. Details of my London vacation photography sessions can be found here London Vacation Photographer  
natural child portrait

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