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With all my London family photography sessions I take a wide variety of photos. Even with the shorter one-hour sessions I find this is plenty of time to create so many different natural portrait photography images. Then when the family views the photos from the session and chooses which Digital Collection they’d like to purchase they’ll be spoilt for choice!

Natural portrait photography in the park

I usually start all my family photography sessions with some relaxed family portraits. With young children it works especially well to do these at the beginning of the photoshoot. Little ones are still fresh and excited to be in their favourite park (if we are doing an outdoor session) and are usually more likely to sit still for a few minutes! After this I try and get some of the siblings together. The advantage of doing these photos at the beginning of the family photography session is that if one of the children decides to run around and explore then that’s fine. We still have plenty of time to capture those sibling portraits later on in the session.

After capturing these beautiful natural family portraits, I encourage the family to play for a while. Perhaps they can play hide and seek amongst the trees. Or they might have brought along their favourite game that they love playing together. While they all have fun I can capture some fantastic candid shots of the children, both on their own and with their parents. These are often my favourite images from the family photoshoot. So genuine, with real laughter, that show the true personality of each family member.

Parent and child portraits

I also really like to take photos of each parent with each child. I love the way these images reflect the different relationships that exist between family members. These portrait photographs don’t have to be formal at all. The mum and dad can just chat with their child or tickle them. Or as in this image – kiss them. I love this photo that was taken on a recent London Vacation Photography session in Covent Garden. It was right at the end of a three-hour session. We’d had a fantastic time walking around London together and were ready for a rest. So mum and daughter sat down on a bench and I clicked away. I was so happy with this relaxed portrait – the little girl just looks so content in her mother’s arms while she’s being cuddled.

I really hope you enjoy this image from a natural portrait photography session in London. If you’re interested in capturing some genuine images of your family when life returns to normal, please do get in touch. Details of my London family photography can be found here London Family Photographer

natural portrait photography

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