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I seem to be working a lot as a natural baby photographer at the moment. I’ve had lots of newborn photography sessions over the last few months and it’s been wonderful! If you’ve seen my website, you’ll know that I love photographing children outdoors. So many of my London family photography sessions take place in the family’s favourite park. But with newborn babies it works better to have the baby photoshoot in the comfort of your own home, especially in the colder months!

Natural baby photographer in the relaxing surroundings of your home

We can get some fantastic natural family portraits in various rooms of your home. And also create beautiful portraits of your baby alone. And all the time you can just relax, without worrying about leaving your home and trying to arrive at a studio at a certain time!

The family in the photo below were lovely – I’d photographed them several times before, with other family members. But the last time I’d seen them was before the pandemic, when their little boy was a newborn. And now there was a new addition to their family, a gorgeous baby girl. And I was so excited to photograph them as a family of four.

Baby portraits, child portraits and natural family photographs

As well as getting lots of baby portraits of their cute little newborn daughter, I also took some child portraits of the boy alone. I try and have great variety in the gallery of photos I provide each family. So there’s always a large selection of individual portraits and group shots to choose from.

We also created natural family portraits in various rooms of the family home. And even a few in the garden, although it was a little chilly to be outside for long! The photo below is one of my favourites from this London baby photography session. I just love the interaction of the whole family together. The wonderful laughter of the little boy, the loving gazes of the parents, and the interesting look from his baby sister. I hope you enjoy seeing it too.

If you have a newborn baby and would like to record this precious time with a family photoshoot, please do get in touch. More of my work as a Natural Baby Photographer can be found here London Baby Photographer

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