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I just wanted to share one image from this fun London vacation photography session. A blog post of the whole session will hopefully be coming soon!

Vacation Photography Sessions all over London

I do more and more vacation sessions these days – taking photos of families who are on holiday in London. They are so lovely to do, as they often take place in my favourite locations in this amazing city. I feel lucky to have lived in London my whole life and I never tire of it. Vacation photography sessions are also really good fun as the family are so happy to be on holiday. They’re excited to be spending time together and exploring London. And to know that they’ll be going home with a fabulous set of professional photographs is an extra bonus.

The parents of the little boy in the image got in touch last Autumn to enquire about a photography session. They were going to be staying in London on vacation for a while and wanted to record their stay here. It was going to be an extended family shoot with the mother’s parents and sister too. This was perfect as the little boy was obviously over the moon to be with all his favourite people!

Fun outdoors baby portrait

We decided to do this baby photography session in Kensington, close to where the family were staying. This was great news for me as it’s one of my favourite areas in London. The little boy was so happy to run around with his family while I snapped away with my camera. I love doing photo shoots outdoors with young children. They are so naturally happy that the smiles you get from them are completely genuine. Nothing forced or posed at all.

Although it was towards the end of November there were still plenty of Autumn leaves on the ground. One of my favourite images from this vacation photography session is the one below. The dad was throwing his son up in the air while the mum threw the leaves around. I’m not sure if it’s possible for a child to look any happier!

If you’re interested in a London vacation photography session, please do get in touch. I’d love to meet you and record this very special time for you with a unique set of professional photos.

baby in the air with autumn leaves

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