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In my life as a professional photographer I spend most of my time photographing families, which I love. But now and again it’s great to photograph a grown-up or two on their own. For one thing they tend to sit still for longer, so it saves my legs a bit for a day! Recently I’ve been asked to photograph more and more people for their businesses. They might need a new profile photo for their LinkedIn page. Or they might be starting up a business and in need of some personal branding photographs for their new website. Whatever it might be I’m more than happy to become a London Headshot Photographer for a day.

How to photograph relevant Headshots

Before the headshot session takes place I always find out as much as I can about the client’s business. This way I can make sure the resulting images are really relevant. If I’m photographing the owner of a café we can get a coffee machine and cups in the background. A violinist would probably want some images with his violin. If the client’s business logo is purple, we could take some photos in a purple doorway. Therefore, everyone I photograph will get a series of unique images, helping them to stand in the business world.

When I photographed the two gentlemen in the image below the location we chose was their local coffee shop. With all the technology around now, people can be so flexible with where they hold their business meetings. So, we all got our coffees and I photographed them hard at work with their MacBooks. It wasn’t all too serious though, they managed to find a few things to amuse themselves while we were together!

If you’re looking for a London Headshot Photographer, please do get in touch. I’d love to meet you and create some unique images to help you promote your business.

Two men looking at their MacBooks and having a coffee with books behind them.

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