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If you’re planning a trip to London with your family, why not hire a professional London Vacation Photographer? It’s the perfect way to record your special time in this amazing city.

I’m a documentary family photographer and have lived in London my whole life. This means I’m lucky enough to know pretty much every street in this wonderful City. I’ll be happy to advise you on what location will work best for a photo session with your unique family.

Many families are keen to include some of the famous London landmarks in the images, which is a great idea. As a natural family photographer, I can do this for you in an authentic way. Rather than you all posing for the camera I can photograph you having fun, with London monuments in the background.

Family Photographs at the Southbank by the River Thames

Below I’ve included some images from sessions I’ve done all over London. One area that always works well is along the Southbank, next to the River Thames. Sometimes I start photo shoots at Westminster Bridge and wander along the river towards the London Eye. Here we can also include one of my favourite spots, which you might not know. This is the graffiti-covered Skateboard Park near the Royal Festival Hall. It’s such a fun location and works fabulously for photos.

Tower Bridge, Borough Market and more….

Other shoots have started near the iconic Tower Bridge, which always looks pretty spectacular in images. From here we can go on to explore the nearby Borough Market, which I love for its quirky backgrounds. It’s also a good opportunity to grab a bite to eat if you’re starting to feel a bit hungry!

Another great area is around Covent Garden. It’s such a fun place to go with the Market, the cobbled streets and the very colourful Neals Yard. And just a few minutes walk from here is Trafalgar Square, where you can admire the lions and the fountains.

Other families prefer to go somewhere quieter and have their vacation photography session in one of the London Parks. I’m happy to recommend one that will work for you, maybe near where you are staying. The larger parks are always firm favourites with families. Or you might prefer Battersea Park, where we can include the River Thames and pretty Albert Bridge in the photographs. Or maybe you’d like the less well-known Holland Park, with its beautiful Japanese Kyoto Garden.

Wherever you decide to have your family photography session you can be assured that it will be lots of fun! And you’ll go home with a wonderful set of professional photos that will always remind you of your wonderful family trip to London.

Teenage boy walking with suitcase in front of airplanes. Girl jumping into man's arms with graffited wall in the background. Family of six sitting on steps with yellow wall behind them. Couple with baby walking by the River Thames with Albert Bridge in the background. Little boy in orange top carrying toy monkey walking in front of Fulham Palace. Mum and son in front of the London Eye. Three boys in front of red, white and blue wall. Family walking in front of Borough Market with cleaner sweeping the street. Couple with baby sitting on steps in front of large door. Boy in green top riding a bicycle. Family of six walking through tunnel with bus in background. Two men, two ladies and a baby in front of fountain. Four children looking at fountain in Trafalgar Square with the National Gallery in the background. Little girl sitting in long grass holding a daisy. Girl looking at duck pond. Laughing boy next to Carnaby by London sign. Man and girl in front of waterfall looking in pond. Family of six walking past colourful houses. Family of five walking away across Autumn leaves. Man, lady and boy in red jacket walking by river. Lady walking with trees and people in the background. Boy laughing in park standing in Autumn leaves. Couple pushing pram through park. Family of five walking away through park.

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