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I can’t believe I’m only just sharing this lovely family photo shoot from Christmas Eve 2017! Yes, that’s right – 2017 not 2018 – so over a year ago! I’ve been so keen to share this photography session from the most magical day of the year. Even more so as the first image in the series won an award from the Family Photojournalist Association. I was overjoyed to win an award for this image as it was my favourite from this fabulous photography session!

What a magical day for a family photography session

This documentary photoshoot took place in the family home with all the excitement of Christmas in the air. It was certainly an action-packed hour photographing this extended family. We started with some family portraits in the garden, then moved into the warm house for some relaxed, natural coverage.

Early Christmas Presents!

The children couldn’t believe their luck when their parents allowed them to each open one Christmas present early. I loved capturing the excitement and happy smiles as they unwrapped their gifts. At one point the baby girl had more wrapping paper around herself then any of the presents under the tree! It was so funny and I love the image created at this moment.

Award-winning image

Towards the end of the session the family thought it a good idea to calm down with a nice story. One of the mums read “Harry the Dirty Dog” while the Grandma cuddled the children on the sofa. It was at this point the baby girl decided it would be nice to take a bite out of her brother’s head! It was such a funny moment and I was so relieved that I caught it on camera. Not only did I love the image, but so did the Family Photojournalist Association, who gave me an award for it. What an honour!

Lady reading a book "Harry the Dirty Dog" to older lady, two boys and baby girl, who is biting one of the boy's heads. Aerial shot of boy and his lego. Mum handing little boy chocolate lollipop. Boy eating chocolate lollipop. Boy licking chocolate lollipop. Portrait of baby girl. Lady holding hands of baby girl wearing pink tutu. Boy kissing baby girl and holding her head. Baby girl looking at Christmas tree. Little boy smiling on red sofa. Lady holding baby on sofa. Baby wrapped up in paper. Family of four in front of sofa. Lady hugging little boy. Little boy looking at of window with lady looking on. Little boy with his head up against baby girl on lady's lap. Baby girl looking into toy box. Boy looking at toy fire engine

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