Documentary Photography in Schools – Fulham Boys School

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Each year I am lucky enough to return to Fulham Boys School to take photographs for their new prospectus. The school is still fairly new, opening in 2014. It’s so exciting to watch it grow each year and see how it is going from strength to strength. I love doing documentary photography in schools and capturing the pupils naturally, going about their regular school life.

There’s always a very calm atmosphere in the school and the boys are incredibly polite. It really is a pleasure to be there! I started taking photos in some of the classrooms where the boys were studying their various subjects. I enjoyed listening to a fun, animated French lesson and a fascinating Maths class. Well I found it fascinating – it was always my favourite subject when I was a student!

Outdoors English Lesson

It was a very warm June day for this school photo shoot, so it was great to see one of the English lessons taking place outdoors. The boys were very happy to be learning their poetry in the sunshine, it didn’t stop them concentrating at all.

Relaxed Schools Photography

After popping into an art class and a computer lesson it was break time. I love photographing students interacting with other and with their teachers outside lessons. They always seem to have so much to catch up on. In the case of this school a lot of it seemed to be football related! In fact, it was one of these relaxed photos (the first in the blog) that made it onto the front cover of the prospectus. I thought it was a great choice!

If you need some up to date photos for your school prospectus or website, please do get in touch on 07813 816335 or I’d love to capture some relaxed documentary photos for you and show your school as it really is.

School boy smiling with his friends. Pile of colourful cups with paint on them, on a sink. Boy with head in his hands. Boy looking thoughtful at school School pupil laughing with friends. A female teacher teaching boys outside, sitting on grass Boy looking up while typing on a computer keyboard. Boy writing in a lesson. Teacher at front of classroom. Two school boys looking at computer. School boy smiling and surrounded by other pupils. Two smiley boys looking at computers. Aerial shot of school lesson outside. School boy writing in a book. School boy smiling. Boy looking at computer.


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