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As well as photographing lots of London families and weddings I also love to photograph people on their own. It’s a very different dynamic and great to have more of a chance to chat and get to know the person I’m photographing. My work as a London portrait photographer is very varied, which I really enjoy. One day I might be taking some headshot photos for someone who needs a new image for their LinkedIn profile. The next day it could be a longer personal branding session, which can focus in more depth on your personality and unique branding.

I also do portrait photography sessions for children, who might need photos for a model or acting agency. And I photograph lots and lots of musicians, always trying to find a location for the session where you would least expect to find a musician!

Portrait Photography Sessions on location in London

Whatever the type of portrait session they all have one thing in common. They all take place outdoors on location, using the amazing streets and parks of London as the backdrop. I include some simpler head and shoulder portraits in a plain environment too, but my absolute favourite is to experiment with different, vibrant backgrounds. And in London we really are spoilt for choice!

London Portrait Photographer in Knightsbridge

In this portrait session we used the streets of Knightsbridge as our studio. It never ceases to amaze me how many different varied settings you can find when you walk around just one block in London. In the portrait below I love the colour of this door, set into the brick wall. It also helped that the lady I was photographing was lovely and a complete natural in front of the camera.

So does your business headshot photo need updating? Maybe you’d like a personal branding session for your new website? Or why not just treat yourself to some fantastic professional photographs for no reason at all? If you are interested in booking a London portrait photography session please do get in touch. I’d love to meet you and create a fabulous set of creative images of your very unique self.

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