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I met up with Sophie last May for her London headshot and personal branding photography session. She was looking for some images for her new business and we had decided to do the photos in her home and local park.

We had to rearrange the session a couple of times due to bad weather, but the day we picked in the end was beautiful. After a quick chat at Sophie’s home about her new business venture we headed off to the park in the warm sunshine. I love hearing about people’s lives and it’s especially interesting when they’re about to launch a new business.

London headshot and personal branding photography with a variety of backgrounds

When I do my headshot and personal branding photography sessions I’m always on the lookout for interesting backgrounds. I want to provide my client with a wide variety of headshot images that they can then use on their website and social media platforms. So as well as trying to get a mixture of different expressions from the person I’m photographing, having different backdrops also helps achieve this.

The park was the perfect location for this London headshot photography session. The pink blossom on the trees looked beautiful behind this lovely lady. Then we found a dark green wall with paint chipped off, which provided a completely different, more urban look.

After chatting our way around the park, we headed back to Sophie’s home to take some more business-like photos of her at work. The clean background of a plain wall, a MacBook and Sophie’s bright red mug gave us the perfect modern look for these business headshot images.

If you’re looking to book a London headshot and personal branding photography session, please do get in touch. I’d love to create some fabulous images for you to help promote your business. If you’d like to see more examples of my headshot photography work please just follow this link London Headshot and Personal Branding Photographer

Smiling lady in front of wall. Lady smiling in front of pink blossom trees. Lady walking through a park smiling Lady smiling in front of green wall. Lady with her hands in her pockets in front of blossom trees. Lady working on her MacBook with a red cup and books next to her on the table. Lady with MacBook and red mug Lady looking at camera

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