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There’s one word that springs to mind when I think of birthday party photography and that’s FUN! It’s something I do a lot of and I love it! In my family photography I prefer to photograph children when they are playing rather than posing for the camera. And at a kid’s birthday party playing is all they are doing so it’s perfect for me.

Birthday parties can be chaotic at times and there is so much for the parents to think about. So why not hire a professional photographer to capture this special day for you? Then at least taking photos during the chaos is one less thing for you to think about! You can put your iPhone away for a few hours and then look forward to enjoying a fabulous set of images afterwards.

Birthday party photography and a family portrait!

I can also take a quick portrait of your family together at the beginning or end of the party too. That way you get at least one photo with you all in it!

I photograph children’s birthday parties all over London. Sometimes the party is at home, which is lovely as the family home is the backdrop to the images. Other times the family hire a venue for the party instead. This can be great for the parents as it means their family home is still in one piece at the end of the party!

One of my favourite party venues is the Purple Dragon Club – there’s one in Putney and another in Chelsea. The children have such a good time with the fabulous entertainers and on all the equipment there. And then it’s on to a birthday lunch or tea where the kids can tuck into the delicious food served. After that it’s my favourite part – the blowing out of the cake candles, which always makes for a fun photograph!

If you’d like to sit back and enjoy the chaos of your children’s birthday party without worrying about taking photos, please do get in touch. I have a great value birthday party photography package – I’d love to share the details with you.

birthday party photography

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