Fun sibling portrait

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Here’s a fun sibling portrait to make you smile on a Monday morning! I took the photo during a fantastic London family photography session over the summer. It’s such a happy image of two twin brothers with their older sister and one of my favourites from this family photoshoot. I was even more delighted when I heard it was one of the parents’ favourites too!

Fun and natural family photography sessions

The session took place in the family garden on a beautifully warm summer’s morning. As you can imagine photographing young children is full of surprises! When I arrive at the family home for any photoshoot, I have a few ideas of what I’d like to do. I also have a quick chat with the parents to hear their thoughts too. Sometimes our ideas go to plan, but with little ones I’ve learnt over the years to just go with the flow! Sitting still for ages is certainly not a child’s idea of fun, so it is entirely optional in all my London family photography sessions!

As a result, I don’t usually end up with the photos I had in mind before the session, but something far better! Totally unposed photographs of your children having fun. Natural family portraits that show their true personalities.

 A fun sibling portrait during a game of hide and seek!

In the family garden were some steps that led into the house. I asked the family to sit down on the steps to take some portraits. And we thought closing the curtains behind them would create a cleaner background. After taking some lovely relaxed portraits of the family together the fun started! The kids decided it would be a great game to play hide and seek behind the curtains. As they pulled the curtains back to show where they were hiding, I clicked the shutter and got this wonderful children’s portrait of three very happy children with completely natural smiles.

I hope you enjoy this fun sibling portrait as much as I do. To see more images from my London Childrens Photography please take a look here London Childrens Photographer

fun sibling portrait

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