A Fun Natural Family Portrait

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My life as a London family photographer is such good fun and no two days are ever the same. One day I’ll be doing a newborn baby photography session in a family home, the next I’ll be photographing a lively toddler running around the park. Or, as in this case, I’ll be creating a natural family portrait with three lovely children and their mum.

The importance of portraits in family photography sessions

Although I spend most of my time on family photography sessions capturing the action as it happens, I also think it’s important to include some family portraits. With younger children I often do these at the beginning of the photography session, when they are more likely to sit still! It will be so lovely in years to come to look back on these photos of the whole family together.

I try and keep the portraits as natural as possible and catch the moments as they happen naturally between family members. Rather than asking for stiff, posed smiles at the camera, I let the family interact together as they normally would. My aim is to capture in an image what the children are really like, not just what they look like. This family portrait will become more meaningful over the years as the children grow up.

A chilly but natural family portrait!

The natural family portrait below was taken on a freezing cold day in Fulham just before Christmas. And I mean freezing!! But this wonderful family were not deterred by the low temperatures and had such fun during the photo shoot. They chatted, laughed and jumped their way through the hour we were together. Even when they sat down on a bench to get a portrait of the four of them together they didn’t stop laughing. I can’t quite remember what the joke was that created the laughter in the photo, but it must have been a good one!

I really hope you like this natural family portrait as much as I do. And if you’d like a London family photography session please do get in touch. I promise it’ll be just as fun as this one, whatever the weather! Details on my family photography sessions can be found here Alexa Kidd-May Family Photography

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