Fun children’s portrait

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My family photography sessions are all about having fun. Hopefully this show’s in this fun children’s portrait. As well as creating memorable images for your family to cherish for years to come, I also want the session itself to be enjoyable. On my family photoshoots I spend some time taking relaxed family portraits. But for most of the session you and your children can just play, while I capture the more spontaneous moments that happen between you.

Natural family portraits in the park

The girl in the photo was with her lovely family in the park. We started the family photography session with some natural portraits of them all together. The park had so many wonderful fallen down tree trunks which worked perfectly as seats for the family. We also got some photos of the family walking together with their dog. I always like to photograph families walking and chatting, as the resulting images look so natural.

Fun children’s portrait up a tree!

Once I was happy we’d got enough family portraits it was play time! I asked each of the four children what they most enjoyed doing when they visited their favourite London park. For this girl, the youngest of the family, it was to climb trees, so that’s exactly what she did. Sometimes photographing children climbing trees can be somewhat of a challenge, especially if they go too high or are surrounded by thick foliage. But this tree was perfect! It had a thick, fairly low branch that the girl edged along and then began doing various dance moves! It was great fun to watch and also to photograph. The smile on her face is just delightful and so natural. Not something that would have been easily achieved if I’d asked her to sit still and smile at the camera.

If you’d like some natural portraits of you and your children now we’re easing out of lockdown, please do get in touch. We can go and have some fun in your favourite park and create some wonderful memories. Details of my London family photography can be found here London Family Photographer

fun children's portrait

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