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This image from a recent fun children’s photography session makes me smile. And don’t we all need a bit of that now?! It was just one energetic photo out of many that I loved from this fantastic London family photography session.

When photographing young children, it can be tricky to get them to stay still. They might for a few seconds here and there, but then they’re off, exploring the next thing. And that’s absolutely fine! I don’t need children to sit and pose to create fantastic portraits of them. I tell parents there’s no need to worry when their kids are racing around at top speed doing their own thing. In fact, it’s perfect… and my favourite way to photograph young children. It ensures that we get a variety of really natural photographs, each one showing the true personality of your child.

Fun Children’s Photography in your own garden

The three siblings I photographed in this London family photoshoot were fantastic. Two lively twin boys and their very patient older sister. The family had booked a one-hour session in their back garden over the summer and had luckily chosen a wonderfully warm day for the shoot.

We began, as I usually do, with some relaxed portraits of the whole family together. This works really well at the start of any session. As the children haven’t normally met me before they’re interested in my cameras and what I’m doing, so are more likely to sit for the family portraits for a few seconds at least! And that’s all it takes to get some great family photos.

And then it’s the fun part – play time! The family can just enjoy doing their favourite activities together, while I take more candid photos. This particular photograph was taken during a game of sleeping bunnies. The three children lay on the blanket pretending to sleep, then all leapt in the air together, while I clicked away. I love the resulting image – it’s full of fun, laughter and energy –  and I was overjoyed that the parents loved it too!

Why not book your own fun children’s photography session!

If you’d like to have some fun portraits taken of your children, please do get in touch. You can see more examples of my London children’s photography here London Children’s Photographer

three children jumping in the air

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