Family Portrait Photography with Grandparents

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I really wanted to share a favourite photograph of mine from a family portrait photography session. Even though this family photoshoot was over a year ago the image still sticks in my mind. I took it on a very special extended family session in South West London. The grandparents were staying for Christmas, so it was great that they could be included in the family photographs too.

We met up at the family home and started off with some festive portraits around the Christmas tree. We then made our way to the family’s local park just around the corner. Here we had lots of fun photographing all the different family members together. It was obvious that the grandparents and their teenage granddaughter had a really close relationship, so I was keen to capture this in the photos. We found a lovely background of trees and I photographed the three of them chatting about Christmas. I was so happy with this particular image. The girl’s smile is just beautiful and lights up her face. And the way the grandparents are looking at her adoringly says everything about the bond between them.

Making special memories with family portrait photography

One of the best things about being a family photographer is capturing moments like this. A loving look between grandparents and granddaughter frozen in time forever. How many times will be this photo be looked at and bring a smile to the faces of those in it? It will always remind the family of that lovely walk in the woods, when they chatted about their exciting Christmas plans.

If you’re considering booking a family portrait photography session please do get in touch. I would love to photograph you and capture some special moments between your family members forever. Details of my London family photography sessions can be found here London family photographer

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