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One of the best things about being a London family photographer is returning to families each year or for special events. It’s great to catch up with all their news and see how the family is growing up. This was my third trip to Blackheath in South West London to meet up with Elsa, her parents and extended family. I first met them just after Elsa was born. Now my annual visit to take family photographs is arranged around the time of Elsa’s birthday.  This is also planned to coincide with her grandparents visiting from New Zealand, which is an extra special treat.

So last summer I travelled to the family’s new home in Blackheath. They had only recently moved in and I was amazed how organised they already were. One of the attractions of the new house was the large garden, giving Elsa so much space to grow up in. I was met at the door by this charming little girl with her huge beaming smile. She immediately took me by the hand and showed me around her new home. As you can see from so many of the photos she is great fun with an outgoing, happy personality.

I started taking photographs straight away to try and capture her bubbly personality in as natural a way as possible. She was full of energy, running around the garden. She had such fun playing with her toys and pushing her beloved pram, laughing all the time.

As soon as her aunt, uncle and grandparents arrived we gathered the family for some group shots in the garden. Then it was time to create some smaller group photos before Elsa had a quick change of outfit into her new dress.

Never leave home without bubbles!

Elsa’s mother had grown up nearby so we set off to her parent’s house for another location shoot in the open air. They had a little slide and some swings there so we had lots of fun on those. After that we let loose with the bubbles. I never go on a family shoot without a bottle of bubbles in my bag!

Then it was back home for the family to grab some lunch before Elsa’s birthday party in the afternoon. It was certainly a very busy day for this family portrait photographer in London and also for that little bundle of fun on her birthday. I’d put money on the fact that she would have slept very well that night!

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