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I’m delighted that Day in the Life family photography is starting to become quite popular. I have recently added these documentary sessions into my business for families who would like longer coverage than usual. They are typically around eight hours long (or four hours if you opt for half a Day in the Life). I stay with the family all day documenting their every day life together.

Photographing Real Life….

Although I tend to include some relaxed portraits as part of the session, the idea is to create images that reflect what family life is really like at that moment in time. No posed shots – just life as it normally happens. This includes the laughter, tears and emotions that go into a normal day. This means there is no particular preparation required from the family. They can choose to do anything they would usually do. It might be cooking, reading, playing football, enjoying a trip to the park or visiting somewhere further afield. I unobtrusively photograph each family naturally, as it really is. The result is a precious day full of memories that they can treasure forever. A true reflection of family life captured as it happens.

Last summer, on a scorching hot day, I travelled down to Surrey to photograph this lovely family for the second time. I first photographed them when their youngest child was a baby . It was wonderful to visit them again and see how beautifully they have grown up. The family had recently moved into a new home with a fabulous large garden, full of interesting features. We spent most of the day outside, enjoying the sunshine while playing and having fun. I photographed the children as honestly as possible, without trying to get them to “perform” in front of the camera. This way we came away with a great selection of genuine images. These will always remind the family of their first summer in their new house, full of laughter, adventure and sunshine.

If you’re interested in a more documentary approach to having your family photographed in this Day in the Life style please do get in touch. It would be great to meet you in 2017!


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