Couples Portrait Photography

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I love doing couples portrait photography sessions for so many different reasons. Firstly, I just enjoy meeting the couple and getting to know them while we take the photographs. Also, the session is often an engagement shoot before I photograph their wedding. This is the perfect opportunity to hear how all the wedding preparations are going. And to be honest it’s nice now and again not to be chasing after young children!

It’s all about connections!

When I do my family photography sessions I’m always trying to capture the connection between the children and their parents. Similarly, in couples photography it’s all about the relationship between the two people in front of the camera. I don’t just want to photograph what they look like, I want to photograph who they are and what their relationship is all about. I do this in a fun way and we play lots of games. I want the couple to enjoy the photography session as much as they love the images afterwards.

Couples Portrait Photography with a view!

I try and get a wide variety of shots too. Some close up, and some, as in this image, from a distance. I really enjoy including the landscape into my images. With my children’s photography I feel it’s important to put their childhood into context. So when they’re older and look at the photos they’ll remember the park that they used to play in every weekend. Or they might have a giggle at their parents’ choice of wallpaper in the house they grew up in.

As soon as I saw the majestic tree in this image I knew I wanted to include it in some of the photos. The couple, who’s wedding I’m actually photographing this Saturday, love being outdoors in nature. So it seemed perfect to have them, beneath the tree, with eyes only for each other. I really hope you enjoy this image as much as I do.

Couples Portrait Photography

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