Professional Family Photography

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For some people a professional family photography shoot can be a slightly nervous experience. They want everything to go well, the weather to be perfect and the kids to behave. They feel that everyone should smile and look their best. I like to make it a fun and enjoyable event and let everyone relax and be themselves.

Photographing a professional photographer and his family!

When another professional photographer asked me to photograph his family I must admit to feeling a little anxious. I knew he produced excellent work and I was honoured that he’d asked me to capture some special moments with his family. Therefore, I wanted to ensure he was happy with the results.

As it turned out, Nick and his family couldn’t have been more perfect. The photography session in Banstead was a real pleasure and I enjoyed every minute of it. His family were so delightful that after a few seconds it was just like any other portrait session.

Baby Photography in the Comfort of your Home

The two girls were so gorgeous and playful with their little baby brother. We started the session at their home and with a young baby it often works out better this way. It means everything is still very comforting and familiar for the newest family member. We then did a quick trip over to the grandparents’ home in Chipstead to capture three generations of the family in one beautiful garden. I was delighted to hear from Nick that he was really happy with the results. With such a nice family, who wouldn’t be!


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