London Musicians Photographer – Iuventus Ensemble – Southbank

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The Iuventus Ensemble is an extremely successful chamber music group, formed of exceptionally talented musicians. They have a demanding timetable and perform worldwide, so when they asked me to take their publicity photos I was incredibly excited but was also faced with one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever had as a London musicians photographer – how to find a day when eight busy musicians, who have hectic individual schedules on top of their Iuventus commitments, were all free at the same time!

It took several months to find a day that worked for everyone, but we eventually managed to meet up at the end of May. Unfortunately the weather forecast was not too optimistic for the day, but rather than wait another few months to find a free day for all eight musicians we decided to go ahead with the shoot. Even though it turned out to be a very cold, rainy morning at the Southbank, this part of London is the most fantastic location for all weathers, as it features numerous attractive undercover areas that, luckily for us, work well in all weather conditions.

I photographed the ensemble in their various forms using an assortment of different backdrops. This allowed us to highlight different line-ups as they are such a versatile group, playing as a quartet, quintet, sextet and an octet. I love the graffitied background of the Skateboard Park in the images – I think it works so well with their black concert clothes. I also really like the bright colours of the red wall and blue gates we found. And it seemed fitting to end the photo session with a real “walking in the rain” shot of four of the musicians with umbrellas and instrument cases walking behind the Royal Festival Hall.

It was such a fun shoot, with a fantastic group of people, followed by a much-deserved hot drink to end the morning. Being a musicians’ photographer in London is a real joy, whatever the weather!


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