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I love my wonderful job as a London wedding and family photographer. And at weddings children are often my favourite subject to photograph. With the main focus on the bride and groom it’s often really nice to take a sideways glance at the supporting role of the children. They are generally so excited by all aspects of the occasion and can really feel the atmosphere of the big day. Bridesmaids and pageboys are happy and proud to be dressing up in their finest clothes. The girls often fascinated by their posy of flowers or the bride’s train. Sometimes they can get a bit nervous at their grand entrance into the service. They might try desperately to be on their best behaviour – although some mums and dads may not see it that way!

Children at Weddings – the perfect combination!

After all that self control it finally comes to the fun part of the day where they can relax and let their hair down. I love watching them running around the gardens, blowing bubbles and dancing without inhibition on the dance floor. There is certainly never a dull moment with children at weddings . It’s a wonderful combination that I love photographing.

One of my favourite “children at weddings” photos is the first one in the series below. This sweet little girl was bridesmaid to her aunt, who she clearly adored. Apparently she had been beside herself with excitement in the run-up to the wedding. On the day itself I thought she was going to pop with excitement! From the moment she put her dress on in the morning it was constant smiles all day long. The evening party was fabulous with a live band in a marquee in the family garden. This cute little bridesmaid, who had been on the go non-stop all day, hit the dance floor and kept going for her hours. In this photo I love the look of sheer joy on her face. It also makes me smile that she has actually taken off from the dance floor!

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