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As a London Schools Photographer it was fantastic to visit Fulham Boys School for a second time recently. Fulham Boys School is a new secondary school in South West London, which opened in September 2014. The school is becoming hugely popular already. After a fantastic first year it recently opened it’s doors for a second intake of pupils.

Earlier in the summer I had the privilege of returning to the school for a second time. The brief was to take more photos for the new prospectus. My brief was to photograph the boys pursuing a wide range of activities to give a good flavour of the sports, which are a fundamental part of the school day.

Documentary School Photography

In my working life I spend most of my time photographing families and musicians. But I’m now starting to do more and more documentary photography in London schools now, which I really enjoy. Rather than taking the standard formal portraits of the pupils, I wander around the school and photograph them taking part in the various activities that make up the school day. This might be a formal lesson, eating lunch or chatting with friends in the playground It might be having a music lesson or letting off steam with a sports activity. I photograph every event in the same style as I approach all my photography. This is as naturally as possible as I feel this brings out the true character of the school and the pupils in it.

It was wonderful to see the boys and teachers get stuck in to each event with such commitment and enthusiasm. I enjoyed my second trip to Fulham Boys School so much. There’s a wonderful feel to the school already, even though it only has two years of boys in it at present. I look forward so much to watching the school grow and develop and eventually move to it’s new site. I think it’s going to be a school to look out for.

If you’re interested in having your school photographed in a documentary style – to update a website or for a new prospectus – please do get in touch on 07813 816335 or

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