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As a London musicians photographer I like to keep my sessions as natural as possible. I also love to use beautiful and interesting locations both indoors and out.
I had a wonderful time last December photographing an extremely talented young violinist in the Clapham Omnibus. This fantastic building is situated on the North side of Clapham Common. It used to be a library but is now a concert and theatre venue. It has so many interesting rooms and features that worked as great backgrounds for all the photos. One of my favourite images of the day is of Louisa leaning on a wall that was covered in music wallpaper. This seemed perfect for her to use as a musicians publicity portrait.

I love a good bandstand!

We began by getting a wide variety of images inside the Clapham Omnibus and in the streets surrounding the building. Then we popped across the road to Clapham Common to capture some images with a different feel to them. Louisa changed from her formal long dress into a more casual outfit for these photos. As my musicians sessions are two hours long it always allows plenty of time for a change of clothing. This way each musician can come away with a selection of images that they can use for various different projects. After capturing some lovely natural images using tree stumps for seats, I was overjoyed to discover that there was a bandstand on the Common. I love photographing in bandstands, particularly when the subject is a musician. It just seems such an ideal setting for a musicians portrait.

It’s great to have a wide variety of images for your publicity

It was such fun to work with Louisa and I was so pleased to hear how happy she was with all the images. It’s great that she now has a large choice of publicity photos she can use in her life as a musician.

If you’re interested in a musicians photography session please do get in touch. I’d be happy to find the perfect location for you to get your own set of perfect images.


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