London Family Photographer – why parents should be in the photos too!

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Working as a London Family Photographer I am privileged to meet so many lovely families all over this beautiful city. I really enjoy having a little glimpse into their family life for an hour or two. And I always try and photograph it in as authentic and natural a way as possible.

Parents – get in those family photos!

There is one thing I feel quite strongly about when photographing families. That is to persuade the parents to get in the photos as well even if they’re not too keen! I know that feeling so well. I’m actually not crazy about being photographed myself, so I really do have every sympathy. It’s so easy to think I’ll wait until I’ve had my hair done. Or I’ll wait until l I’m looking a bit less tired after a holiday. Or let’s be honest – until I can actually do up the top button of my jeans! But in the end, I ignore all those feelings and get myself in front of the camera.

One day your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be loving these photos

Why? Because I know that one day these photos will be looked at and treasured by my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and beyond. Especially if the images are in a beautiful photo album, not on a USB tucked in a drawer, but that’s another story and a different blog post! The generations to come aren’t going to care whether my make-up was done perfectly. They won’t notice if my teeth weren’t as white as they could have been. They’ll just be fascinated to see photos of their ancestors, imperfections and all. They’ll be interested to see what I was like – not just physically but they’ll try and work out my personality from the images as well and the relationship I had with my children, which is something I really try to bring out when photographing families.

So please, please mums and dads – even if you’re not feeling particularly in the mood, just get yourselves in those family portraits – one day they will be the most treasured possessions that are passed through the generations.  You don’t have to gaze meaningfully into the camera lens – just have fun with your kids and leave me to capture that amazing relationship you have with those that you love the most.


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